Cuisine française

Sat. 12/10/2019 - 20:00
deSingel, Antwerpen

Cuisine française


Gérard Grisey describes his Talea, ou la machine et les herbes folles as weeds or herbs overgrowing a machine. It is an emblematic masterpiece by one of the founding fathers of spectralism, a way of composing finding it’s origins in a long french tradition.

Travelling back to the roots we encounter Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel, with their fascination for fragrant harmonies. In the 18th century, with his Traité de l’harmonie réduite à ses principes naturels, Jean-Philippe Rameau prepares the ingredients which were carefully cultivated in 12th century Paris by Perotinus. Naturalness, found in the composition of sound itself, and gradual, subtle transformations of flavour constitute the basic recipe.

In Bouchara, Claude Vivier lards a love song in an imaginary language with strings and winds. Luc Brewaeys equally developed his highly idiosyncratic palette in the french spectral kitchen. He garnishes his piano solo piece Pyramids in Siberia with five additional instruments and live electronics in Painted Pyramids.

SPECTRA plays, narrates and thus reveals the culinary secrets.
Check recipe
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Gérard Grisey (1946–1998)
Talea (1985-1986)

Luc Brewaeys (1959–2015)
Painted Pyramids (2006–2008)

Claude Vivier (1948–1983)
Bouchara (1981)


SPECTRA conducted by Filip Rathé
Hanne Roos, soprano
Filip Rathé, chef de cuisine