As long as he does not know himself

Thu. 10/01/2019 - 20:30
CC Strombeek, Strombeek-Bever

As long as he does not know himself

At the beginning of the story of the passion and death of Narcissus, as recorded in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the beautiful nymph Liriope asks the blind seer Tiresias whether her child Narcissus will have a long life and reach a fine old age… He augures: ‘As long as he does not know himself’.

The inexhaustible metaphorical strenght of Ovid’s metamorphoses reflects up to the present day. Echo, only able to repeat the roughly or carefully predigested in a fragmentary and inattentive manner, dematerializes at long last, floating around aimlessly. Likewise, the selfie-addicted exhibisionist in the virtual cobweb too often meets a tragic fate. Ultimate mutations.

In this performance Ovid’s compelling verses underpin the graphical discourse. Josse de Pauw narrates the myth of Echo and Narcissus. Meanwhile the ink drawings, sprouting rhythmically from the paintbrush of artist/performer Koenraad Tinel are projected on a large screen. They vividly dialogue with the sounds emanating from Frederik Neyrinck’s imagination. Live interactions continuously generate new transfigurations …


Frederik Neyrinck (°1985)
As long as he does not know himself


Concept and play
Koenraad Tinel, Josse De Pauw

Frederik Neyrinck (°1985)

music performed by
Lieselot De Wilde, soprano

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