A matter of triumph and void

Sat. 18/05/2019 - 20:00
Muziekcentrum De Bijloke, Ghent

A matter of triumph and void

Once more SPECTRA and the International Opera Academy collaborate, this time painting a portrait of Wim Henderickx — one of Flanders' most leading composers — departing from two contrasting music theatre works: the forward pushing opera on a libretto by Johan Thielemans and a slow and meditative music theatre performance.

In 'Triumph of Spirit over Matter', the characters let us traverse a world where every extreme touches its opposite: from artistic integrity to cynical mercantilism, from authentic genius to the haggling in forgeries, from self-sacrifice to contempt for the fellow man. But in the heart of everyone, purity and depravity meet each other: the urge to create or destruct alternately triumph.

For 'Void', Henderickx’s composition Sunyata (emptiness) forms the starting point. It’s a inner quest for meaning and religion, inspired by eastern and western mysticism. De Buddhist shri yantra forms the structural guideline. This abstract geometrical figure has a symbolic meaning for meditation and the development of consciousness.

Do all extremes meet?


Wim Henderickx (°1962)
A selection of:
Void (sunyata) (2007)
Triumph of spirit over Matter (1996-1999)


SPECTRA, conducted by Filip Rathé
International Opera Academy