2019 to 2020

MUSIC THEATRE One glass box. Big. People in an open space. Dancing. The background: galvanizing beats. No stage, no chairs,… Awkward inconvenience? The interactive opera Be My Superstar is a collaboration between director Alexandra Lacroix... +
Call BIJLOKE SUMMER ACADEMY 2019 Do you have an artistic idea within the field of contemporary music theatre and/or transmedial performance? Are you looking for a great opportunity to develop this idea under the best possible conditions? Bijloke... +
Call BIJLOKE SUMMER ACADEMY 2020 Do you have an artistic idea within the field of contemporary music theatre and/or transmedial performance? Are you looking for a great opportunity to develop this idea under the best possible conditions?... +
CONCERT Gérard Grisey describes his Talea, ou la machine et les herbes folles as weeds or herbs overgrowing a machine. It is an emblematic masterpiece by one of the founding fathers of spectralism, a way of composing finding it’s origins in a... +
The Gruffalo © Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler 1999 — Macmillan Children’s Books.png
CHILD OPERA 4+ Mouse was walking in a dark black wood, while Fox was thinking “That smells good.” Little Mouse doesn’t want to appear on the menu of Fox, Owl and Snake, so she invents the terrifying Gruffalo, with orange eyes, a tongue as... +
CONCERT In june 1904 Claude Debussy fled Parijs direction Jersey. By that time he was already a renowned and celebrated musician. It is there he finished La Mer, a magnificent symfonic poem focussing on the primal force of water, including... +
FAMILY 5+ Featuring: John Wayne, Robinson Crusoe, Batman... +
CONCERT The bi-annual festival “Belgian Music Days” intends to bring together the different language groups around a common musical heritage: music from 1830 to the present, with a special focus on the music of living composers of classical as... +
MUSIC THEATRE A man spends his days in a company’s ice cellar. To kill time he collects newspaper cuttings on all sorts of gruesome events. In the meantime, his hyperactive wife loses herself in organising the household and making children’s... +
CONCERT A visit to the library of the faculty of Engineering and Architecure of the Ghent University, designed by Kersten Geers and David Van Severen, is one of the highlights of an architecture walk through the city. For this occasion, the... +
CONCERT Painted Pyramids, three of them. Together with Gérard Grisey and Tristan Murail, Michaël Lévinas founded the Ensemble Itinéraire, the cradle and breeding ground of the french spectral music. For this ensemble he composed his Concerto... +

2018 to 2019

In 1958, when working in Paris, Luciano Berio made sound recordings of five musicians. He edited the tracks in the Studio di fonologia musicale in Milan. With this material, he created one of the first pieces combining electronic music with live... +
Semi-staged concert For this project, SPECTRA and the International Opera Academy partner up once more – this time, painting a portrait of Wim Henderickx, one of Flanders’ most acclaimed composers. The starting point for the performance are two... +
At the beginning of the story of the passion and death of Narcissus, as recorded in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the beautiful nymph Liriope asks the blind seer Tiresias whether her child Narcissus will have a long life and reach a fine old age… He augures... +
The Summer Academy workshop involves a coaching of young makers, artistic teams and ensembles who are eager to develop an artistic idea within the field of music theatre (which can integrate contemporary classical, popular music, jazz…) and/or... +
Everyday listening with both ears conceals a fascinating world. In this two-channel hearing, a subtle difference in pitch can create the illusion of a pulse: our brain generates a binaural beat. In her new composition Dreams of Airs, the Dutch... +
Thomas E. Bauer(c)Marco Borggreve
“In my arranging and rearranging of images I’m like a child [...] I’m like a lunatic adorning my hair with dried flowers that are still alive in my dreams.” Fernando Pessoa, Book of Disquiet, p. 193 A youngster, in search of a future, livelihood... +
Philip Glass is one of the godfathers of American Minimalism. His relentless musical waves resemble a complex mechanism. Musicians moil and sweat during the performance and transform themselves into an elaborate machine. Children and their (grand... +
Gérard Grisey is one of the pioneers of spectralism, a musical current that focusses on meticulously composed sound colours. He referred to it as ‘liminal music’: music on the border, where thresholds are surpassed and where slow transformations and... +
SPECTRA invites On friday, March 15th in Music Centre de Bijloke in Ghent, SPECTRA premieres So nah, so fern by the French composer Philippe Hurel. Curious about the creation process? SPECTRA invites you to assist on our open rehearsal, in... +
The Liedts-Meesen Foundation invited the French artist and researcher Jean-Marie Dallet to curate an exhibition in the Zebrastraat focussing on the work of video art pioneers Nam June Paik and Steina and Woody Vasulka. This exposition intends to... +
Retaliation, Remission, Reconcilement belong to all people, times and places. This is the central theme of Musica Sacra Maastricht 2018: how did the arts reflect on this subject? The festival’s opening concert coincides with the start of SPECTRA’s... +
After the much appraised collaboration in Berio’s Recital for Cathy and Ligeti’s Violin Concerto with Barnabás Kelemen, SPECTRA and the Düsseldorf-based ensemble Notabu unite their forces for a third time, now to celebrate the seventieth birthday of... +
On 7 February 1994, SPECTRA played the opening concert of the Week of Contemporary Music as the start of its first season. Exactly 25 years later, we look back on a quarter of a century of creations of new music.  Next to old ‘hits’ like De... +

2017 to 2018

“Life must be lived forwards, but it can only be understood backwards.” – Søren Kierkegaard (1813–1855) Are our actions irreversible or can we undo them? Just like its title, this performance is a palindrome. You will be able to see the show... +