Boulez & Pintscher

“My thoughts as a conductor are based on the process of my writing, and vice versa,” so says Matthias Pintscher. This was also the case for Pierre Boulez who, some decades ago, was seen as one of the, if not THE enfant terrible of post-war modernism.

In “Sur Incises”, created for three pianos, three harps and three percussionists, Boulez follows a for him typical procedure where he reveals in this case a personal composition for piano solo and where he builds a new universe as an “organized delirium” from the debris. Timbres melt together and drag the listener into pulsating, visceral soundwaves.

In “Bereshit” for grand ensemble, Pintscher lets the music come into existence organically from nothing. Miniscule sounds grow into magisterial, overwhelming eruptions. He describes the experience as a “waking up in a dark room: disorientation which transforms slowly into the awareness of increasingly clearer shapes”. Both works are ingenious expositions of highly physical music where intuition and reason find each other in a thrilling balance.

Programme & credits


Matthias Pintscher (°1971)
Bereshit (2011-2012)

Pierre Boulez (1925-2016)
Sur Incises (1996/98)


SPECTRA conducted by Filip Rathé


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