Dreams of Airs

Lore Binon
© Lore Binon
Everyday listening with both ears conceals a fascinating world. In this two channel hearing a subtle difference in pitch can create the illusion of a pulse: our brain generates a binaural beat.

In her new composition the Dutch composer and poet Rozalie Hirs dives into the magic sound world of this hallucinatory phenomenon. Dreams of Airs wants to induce brainwaves that arise when meditating, sleeping, dreaming or creating.

Within a lounge-like setting the public is ravished by a hypnotizing experience where the combination of the spoken word, music and image stimulate the senses. Spatial objects constitute a visible connection between performers and public.

Hirs’ artistic work analyzes the sizzling beauty of pure sound in a poetic manner. Her poetry and music are lyrical as well as experimental and combine acoustic and electronic sounds.

Balancing on the boundary between reality and imagination.

Programme & credits


Rozalie Hirs
Dreams of Airs


Rozalie Hirs, music and poetry
Boris Tellegen and Geert Jan Mulder, video
SPECTRA conducted by Filip Rathé
Lore Binon, voice


Saturday 10 November 2018, 19:00
Den Bosch (NL), Willem Tweezaal
in festival November Music
Sunday 06 January 2019, 20:00
Utrecht (NL), Tivoli/Vredenburg
Sunday 31 October 2021, POSTPONED
Amsterdam (NL), Orgelpark
Sunday 04 December 2022, 14:15
Amsterdam (NL), Orgelpark