Storytelling concert
Storytelling concert around György Ligeti's Pianoconcerto

It’s not a very well-kept secret that conductor Filip Rathé is absolutely hooked on the music of György Ligeti Accompanied by SPECTRA, he reveals in this storytelling concert a few approved recipes of the Hungarian grandmaster. Central on the table stands the Pianoconcerto - “my artistic creed” – which the composer restarted 21 times. Just like in a good goulash, this evening depends on a handful of the best ingredients, an endearing preparation with a personal touch, with as pianist nobody less than the Finnish virtuoso, Joonas Ahonen!

Programme & credits


The musical main dish is the Pianoconcerto by György Ligeti György Ligeti (1923 - 2006).
On this journey, you are coming with us into the kitchen to gaze upon the ingredients, the preparation method and lest we forget, the spice rack!
Bon Appétit!


Joonas Ahonen, piano
Filip Rathé, dirigent en 'chef de cuisine'


Friday 20 January 2023, 20:00
Ghent, Muziekcentrum De Bijloke