Interactive concert
© Antoine Porcher
Let’s dance!

The Argentinian tango, the haka of the New Zealandian Māori, the Hawai’ian Hula, the intoxicating Turkish Dervish, the Viennese Waltz, the Texan two-step, Indian firedances, the Japanese Noh Mai – these are just a few randomly chosen examples of completely different and fascinating dances which correspond with as many extraordinary musical genres.
Music and dance are by far the most universal languages which transcend cultural and political differences. Intrinsically and historically woven together these Arts form a highway to an all-inclusive society.
“HAKAHULA!” will be created for Ars Musica and is a collaborative project between composer Eliott Delafosse (°1994), Joris Blanckaert (b. 1976) and SPECTRA. Both have their roots in jazz, popular music and classical music alike. They embrace influences from all continents to create a uniform language. The result present a whirling and extatic mixture of rousing new music.
The Italian dancer-choreographer Luca Arrigoni takes the public in tow towards a liberating party mood.

Programme & credits


HAKAHULA, Let's dance! (creation)
Joris Blanckaert en Eliott Delafosse, muziek
Commissioned by Ars Musica


Filip Rathé, conductor
Luca Arrigoni, choreographer


Saturday 26 November 2022, 19:00
Brussel, La maison du peuple
for festival Ars Musica