SOV Conducting Masterclass

Elias Peter Brown, Aleksandra Melaniuk and Kevin Hendrickx: these three conductors will be participating in the SOV Conducting Masterclass.

This international masterclass for young composers is already in its third edition. Something new in this edition is that these promising youngsters will not only crack down on Ludwig von Beethoven but also on the classic contemporary repertoire. Master and student, side by side. Kristiina Poska, Chief Conductor of the Flemish Symphonic Orchestra, will take the conductors under her wings for the Beethoven-sessions. Afterwards, the students will dive - together with SPECTRA and artistic director Filip Rathé - into the contemporary music for ensemble
To close off the masterclass, the three candidates have taken turns in front of the orchestra for a final concert in Muziekcentrum De Bijloke.

Programme & credits


L. van Beethoven (1770-1827)
Symphony nr. 6 - 1st movement
Symphony nr. 6 - 2nd movement
Symphony nr. 6 - 3rd, 4th, 5th movement

A. Van Parys (° 1975)
Conte (2011)
D. Janssens (° 1983)
(Paysages-études) IV (2011)
F. Neyrinck (° 1985)
Echo de Maeterlinck (2011)


Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen en SPECTRA, voor deze gelegenheid onder leiding van Aleksandra Melaniuk, Elias Peter Brown and Kevin Hendrickx.


Sunday 21 August 2022, 19:00
Ghent, Muziekcentrum De Bijloke
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