14 Emotions/Allegoria Via dolorosa was the start of the cooperation with painter-cinematographer Klaus Verscheure. He based his video-installation from 2013 on the iconography of the classical calvary, stripped of religious connotations. The ‘Via Dolorosa’, used as metaphor for the guilt imposed by religion. A mirror of contemporary society? Singer-songwriter Tom McRae composed the haunting soundtrack.

Now, in 2021, they find each other once again for KAIN & ABEL . This performance, video-installation is based on the story from the Old Testament in which two brothers get into a fight and one of them ends up killing the other. This performance with two top-dancers is a contemporary interpretation of this Biblical horror. Little remains of the religious story, except the act of murder. This artwork exposes the horror used in religious storytelling for many centuries, to impose and control their devotees, in an esthetical way. In this installation, it is not about the story anymore, per sé. This work ‘imagines’ what was once written and confronts the audience with this image. How long will you keep looking at a fight with a guaranteed killing blow? An unsettling performance with live music.

Our composer in residence Mirek Coutigny combines forces with Tom McRae for the music.

Programme & credits


KAIN & ABEL (2021)
14 Emotions/ Allegoria via dolorosa (2013)
ADAM & EVE (2017)


video installation
Klaus Verscheure

Mirek Coutigny and Tom McRae (KAIN & ABEL)
Tom McRae (14 Emotions / ADAM & EVE)

SPECTRA conducted by Filip Rathé


Sunday 29 August 2021, 19:30
Brussel, Cinema Palace
Thursday 03 March 2022, 19:30
Kortrijk, Sint-Maartenskerk