Songs for Tomorrow

Songs for Tomorrow is a songbook for the twenties, an attempt to catch in text and poetry what goes through us, a document to refer to during the upcoming decade.

Five composer and five authors were asked to write pieces which could potentially translate the mind of this bizarre period. Five unexpected duos of writers and composers, a journey throughout diverse styles of music and imaginary worlds, performed by SPECTRA and sung by three unique voices: Gregory Frateur (Dez Mona), jazz-singer Tutu Puoane and mezzosopraan Ellen Wils.

Programme & credits


Songs for Tomorrow


Dominique Pauwels & Stacy Hardy
Inne Eysermans & Josse De Pauw
Nabou Claerhout & Gorges Ocloo
Thomas Smetryns, Benne Dousselaere & Dounia Mahamed
Frederik Neyrinck & Laura Broekhuysen

production: LOD muziektheater
coproduction: SPECTRA, Muziekcentrum De Bijloke
supported by: SABAM FOR CULTURE


Tuesday 10 August 2021, 20:30
Gent, Bijlokesite
Friday 13 August 2021, 20:30
Gent, Bijlokesite
Saturday 14 August 2021, 20:30
Gent, Bijlokesite