The Rape of Lucretia

Carlos Wagner directed The Rape of Lucretia for the first time 23 years ago. It was the starting point for his career. Then, Wagner recognized in Britten's opera a piece of stylized Japanese theatre. Now, Wagner and Lucretia meet again, in an entirely new production. This time, the director’s reading focuses on the connection between the opera and World War II.

Britten’s The Rape of Lucretia premiered in 1946, a year after the end of World War II. A war that scarred the whole of Europe and its society to this day. War destroys the fibre of society, and violence begets violence. During World War II, crime increased dramatically in Britain – and so did rape.

Britten’s Rape, like all rapes, is not merely a sexual act. It is a brutal and desperate attempt to assert power, to dominate the unattainable, to subjugate. The rape of Lucretia can be understood as an allegory, a representation of brutal violence between humans – violence leaving irreparable scars. Lucretia is driven to an act of desperation, as we watch in despair.

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Programme & credits


Benjamin Britten
The Rape of Lucretia


Composer: Benjamin Britten
Librettist: Ronald Duncan
Conductor: Filip Rathé
Director: Carlos Wagner
Scenography and costumes: Alejandro Andújar
Light design: Glen D'Haesens
Direction's assistant: Karine Haesselein
Musical coach: Hein Boterberg
English Language coach: Rachel Harland

Students of the International Opera Academy
Lucretia: Oleksandra Kuzmina
Male Chorus: Kwanhee Park
Female Chorus: Ecem Topcu (7/06) / Ernestina Jo?t (8/06)
Tarquinius: SoJin Yang
Bianca: YoonJung Kim
Lucia: Eriko Hashimoto (7/06)/ Agata Kowalik (8/06)
Collatinus: Dasuai Jiao
Junius: Alexander Ivanov

Ensemble: SPECTRA
Coproduction: International Opera Academy & Opera Ballet Vlaanderen


Friday 05 May 2023, 20:00
Ghent, Minard Theater
Saturday 06 May 2023, 20:00
Ghent, Minard Theater
Wednesday 07 June 2023, 20:00
Antwerp, 't Eilandje
Thursday 08 June 2023, 20:00
Antwerp, 't Eilandje