Boek + CD: Frankenstein!

Frankenstein! is a wonderfully spooky audiobook, told and sung by Pieter Embrechts.
Heinz Karl Gruber is the composer of the slightly eccentric music, which accompanies funny children’s rhymes about superheroes and monsters.
Rhymes about Dracula, Superman, Werewolves, Batman and James Bond.
The expressive illustrations are made by Sebastiaan Van Doninck.
A performance of SPECTRA Ensemble

ISBN 9789020995947
published by Lannoo
NUR-code 274/picture books (6 years and older)

Performers: Jan Vercruysse (flute), Kris Deprey (clarinet), Wim Van Volsem (bassoon), Rik Vercruysse (french horn), Serge Rigaumont (trumpet), Frank Van Eycken (percussion), Luc Van Loo (piano), Pieter Jansen (violin), Veerle Van Gorp (violin), Bram Bossier (viola), Lieven Baert (cello), Kristof Roseeuw (double bass), Pieter Embrechts (narrator/singer), Filip Rathé (conductor)

This one is an absolute must-hear!

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