Pluriversum. About Lucien Goethals

In 2016 is het tien jaar geleden dat Lucien Goethals – componist, Gentenaar met Argentijnse ziel – overleed. Tijd voor hernieuwde aandacht, een hommage, een (her)ontdekking van de vele werelden van deze bijzondere musicus.

As a pioneer in new, electro-acoustic music is Lucien Goethals one of the most important composers of his generations. He developed an extremely personal and emotional musical language, always filled with melancholic undertones.

For the occasion, SPECTRA looks for his most wonderful recordings and launches them on a new CD, presented to you with this concert. MATRIX (Centre for New Music) gives poet and musicologist Jelle Dierickx carte blanche to create a small publication centered around Goethals’ multi-faceted musical personality and his long-lived love for (Spanish) literature and poetry. The Centre dives also into the archives of the Conservatory Library in Ghent and the IPEM (Institution for Psycho-acoustic and Electronic Music) and creates, together with those partners, a small exhibition.

Concert, book and CD presentation and exhibition on March 23, 2016 in the MIRY Concert Hall of the School of Arts. The exhibition can also be seen in Leuven in the autumn of 2016.

Programme & credits


Lucien Goethals (1931-2006)
Cuatro poemas de F.G. Lorca (1998)

Lucien Goethals (1931-2006)
Cascaras (1969)

Lucien Goethals (1931-2006)
Pampa (1979)

Lucien Goethals (1931-2006)
Musica con cantus firmus triste (1978)


SPECTRA conducted by Filip Rathé

Els Mondelaers (mezzosoprano)

Jelle Dierickx (book compiler)

i.s.m. MATRIX (Centrum voor Nieuwe Muziek), KASK/Conservatorium, Conservatoriumbibliotheek en IPEM (Instituut voor Psycho-akoestiek en Elektronische Muziek).


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