Fieldrecordings of my own environment

This CD is a recording of the performance 'Fieldrecordings of my own environment', made by Joris Van de Moortel, in collaboration with Thomas De Prins, for the exhibition ÇA VOUS INTÉRESSE L'ARCHITECTURE? Botanical vibrations travel through the air tangled as wires, attempting to play with the rhythmic structure.

Music: Joris Van de Moortel and Thomas De Prins
Performed by SPECTRA, conducted by Filip Rathé
Pieter Jansen (violin), Bram Bossier (viola), Peter Devos (cello), Tille Van Gastel (flute), Peter Merckx (clarinet), Deian Toptchiev (bassoon), Frank Van Eycken and Bjorn Denys (percussion)
Label: Be Part


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